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Connection offers special government pricing contracts for computer hardware, peripherals, and IT services. With more than 300,000 products available from hundreds of manufacturers, your savings could be significant.
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Technology Topics that Matter to You

The experts at Connection® Public Sector Solutions understand the challenges educational institutions face every day. You’re not alone. Let us share what we’ve learned in thousands of customer engagements.
The security landscape is rapid evolving—and threats are more of a problem for today’s educational institutions than ever before. Not only are they increasing in sophistication and frequency, but they also have a whole host of targets, from desktop PCs to smartphones and tablets to Web apps. Learn how to reduce your risk with the right security strategy.
Digital Signage
Versatile and Web-ready, digital signage allows educators to provide valuable, timely information to students who readily give their attention to dynamic digital screens with content that grabs and holds their attention.
Today’s students, educators, and staff want to use the devices they feel most comfortable with. But how do you support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy while ensuring your campus network security isn’t put at risk?


Join Us at Booth #1725

EDUCAUSE 2017's goal is to help higher education elevate the impact of IT—and Connection® Public Sector Solutions is here to help! Stop by booth #1725 where representatives from Connection, along with Lenovo and Unitrends, can share insights, best practices, and how we are helping campuses across the country with their IT challenges.
You can also see how Lenovo is making advances in augmented reality with the latest headsets. Shrink down to molecular size to see how elements work, peel back the Earth to learn about geology, and much more. Mixed reality transforms education into a tangible and memorable experience.

Start making a difference with your classroom technology by scheduling an appointment to speak with a Connection representative at EDUCAUSE.
Event Details
EDUCAUSE 2017 Annual Conference
October 31–November 3, 2017
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA
Educause 2017

Solutions Spotlight: Peerless for Education

Peerless AV System

Students today see little value of an education completely rooted in traditional learning tools like pen and paper. Peerless provides technological learning tools for the classroom that can benefit the students as well as the teachers. The Peerless-AV system is a convenient way to deliver multimedia content that can both command students' attention and enhance learning. See how Peerless helped solve pain points in education at Douglas College by reading this case study.

Peerless AV Mounts

Peerless AV mounts provide framework for large-format displays in campus centers, lecture halls, dorms, and more that video monitors would not be able to accomplish effectively—all while maintaining the integrity of the space and preserving the aesthetics. Peerless-AV custom solutions are designed to hold intricate video wall matrixes, while at the same time being easily moveable by a single person.

Innovation Starts with Tools that Inspire

Workstations and mobile workstations deliver the power and performance to fuel higher education’s most demanding disciplines.

From engineering and graphic arts to GIS and CAD, boost your curriculum with high-end workstations and notebooks that make it easy to create, share, and collaborate.
Workstation Computers

Attract the Best and Brightest

NEC's Star Student program helps institutions acquire display products to engage audiences, share information, and move students to new levels of discovery without straining budgets. Not only does NEC enable your campus with the most advanced display technologies, but they do so with benefits worthy of a gold star!
NEC's Star Student program

Connection Community

As you may already know, VMworld 2017 covered some pretty amazing ground this year. Always a treat for the technologically... Read More

Oct 18, 2017 | By Chris Ward
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