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Connection offers special government pricing contracts for computer hardware, peripherals, and IT services. With more than 300,000 products available from hundreds of manufacturers, your savings could be significant.
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A Modern, More Efficient Agency

The success of your agency’s mission depends on two things: people and the tools they have at their disposal. Ensure your workforce is supported with a modern, optimized infrastructure and the technologies they need to carry out their mission.
Data Center
Discover how our experts can help you build high-performance compute and storage solutions, design power and cooling infrastructure, assist with colocation and disaster recovery facilities, and identify and correct trouble spots in your data center.
Networking Assessment
Get a clear picture of your network infrastructure. If your agency is looking to upgrade or expand your network, the first step is to understand the capabilities and shortcomings of your existing network. We can help.
Digital Signage
Get your message to the right audience. Increase public outreach and inform employees with eye-catching digital signage and dynamic, engaging content that showcases the value of your agency and its mission.
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Move Faster and Do More with Microsoft Azure

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft® Azure® Stack simplifies the development, management, and security of your hybrid cloud. Co-engineered by HPE and Microsoft—based on a 30-year partnership—the joint solution enables you to run Azure-consistent services in your own data center.
Learn why you should choose HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure to deliver consistent services from your data center.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Government: Risk Management

The conscientious risk manager creates a strategy to frequently identify the threat and measure the risk against that threat in their as-built infrastructure. They test frequently, outside and inside, using the same tools and techniques the malicious actors use. They test user security awareness, and they measure document, prioritize, and build a risk roadmap strategy to keep risk mitigation focus on those most critical exploitable areas.
Cybersecurity Solutions for Government: Risk Management