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Learning Is Going Google

Technology is transforming what is possible in schools, enabling innovative solutions that overcome learning’s biggest barriers. Google for Education provides tools for institutions of every size and every budget, from K–12 classrooms to higher education campuses. With Google, you can add Chromebooks and tablets to an entire district or institution with very little effort. Security and updates are also handled instantaneously, freeing up IT’s valuable time. And Google allows faculty to help students learn new things in new ways—and work together while doing it.

Introducing G Suite Enterprise for Education

G Suite Enterprise for Education gives educational institutions a set of tools to manage their entire organization, including administrative departments that have needs similar to businesses. Features include advanced controls, enhanced analytics and search, enterprise-grade communication tools, and more!
Introducing G-Suite Enterprise for Education

Side by Side: Chromebooks and Chrome Education Licensing


Designed for both students and faculty, Chromebooks are lightweight, durable laptops that update automatically, boot up in under 8 seconds, and have all-day battery life. And since they start at $149, Chromebooks won’t break your budget. Download the Brochure

Chrome Education Licensing

Google Admin Console makes deploying and managing your school’s Chromebooks a simple task. With it, you can remotely manage your students’ experience and add users, devices, printers, and network access from the Web and easily enforce over 200 digital policies across all of your Chromebooks. Admins can also deploy and oversee 100 or 100,000 devices with unique cloud-based management, automatic updates, built-in security, and 24/7 support from Google. You can even customize bookmarks and wallpaper for every student, department, or instructor. All you have to manage is learning.
Managing Chromebooks with the Google Admin Console
Find out how easy Google makes teaching and learning in the classroom, anywhere and anytime.

Bring Your Lessons to Life
Imagine exploring coral reefs or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Google Expeditions, instructors can take students on immersive, virtual journeys. Call an Account Manager today and bring Google Expeditions to the classroom.

Connection White Glove Configuration Service

Connection’s configuration service helps get your Chromebooks and Chrome OS devices up and running the moment they arrive. With our white glove treatment, you can:
  • Update Chrome OS to the latest version
  • Enroll the Chrome OS device into your organization’s Google Apps domain
  • Perform wireless network configuration for your organization’s network with pre-shared authentication
  • Receive free, basic asset tags
  • We also offer data capture and exporting of serial numbers

Connection White Glove Configuration Service

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