2.5" SATA Drive Hot Swap Bay for 3.5" Front Bay - Anti-vibration

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Hot swap drives in the front bay of your computer or server, and safeguard your data with anti-vibration protection!
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Turn the 3.5” front bay on your desktop computer or server into a hot-swap bay for 2.5" SATA solid state drives and hard drives with this 2.5" SATA Drive Hot Swap Bay for 3.5" Front Bay. Ideal for IT professionals, such as system administrators or computer operators, this mobile rack lets you quickly swap, replace, remove, or transport a drive between systems or locations. It saves valuable time in environments where storage drives need to be replaced or removed regularly, such as in server rooms and data centers.

The 2.5” SATA drive hot-swap bay provides a protective backplane with a durable aluminum housing that offers ventilation to ensure proper air flow and heat dissipation. It features four anti-vibration bumpers, to protect your drive against vibration damage. To safeguard your data, you can lock the drive bay door to prevent unauthorized access to your drive