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SonicWALL 10-day Spike for EX6000 130-250 User License - Incremental Needed to Reach

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Many organizations have learned that they need to proactively prepare their networks for potential business disruptions. But proper planning for disaster recovery is not just limited to catastrophic events like hurricanes or pandemics. A power outage, a flu outbreak, a transit strike or even a winter storm can also disrupt business, unless mission-critical members of the workforce can carry on remotely. In addition to all these scenarios, even anticipated seasonal business cycles can create sharp spikes in demand for secure remote access to important resources.

SonicWALL offers the definitive disaster recovery (DR) solution for instantly increasing capacity for secure remote access. The SonicWALL Aventail Spike License Pack is an add-on license that allows enterprise-class and distributed network administrators to immediately increase their remote user count in the event of a disaster or other disruption, enabling seamless business continuity. This works like an insurance policy toward any future planned or unplanned event when remote access traffic threatens to spike from current user counts to hundreds or even thousands of additional users.