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Server Technology Fail-Safe Transfer Switch, (2) IEC 320

  • Server Technology
  • 18392014
  • C-8HF2-C203
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The Sentry Fail-Safe Transfer Switch (FSTS) features two input power feeds, from separate AC circuits, to supply single-power equipment with dual, redundant power sources. With dual-power input, the first power in-feed supplies power to one half of the connected device(s), while the remaining device(s) are powered by the other power input. With this automatic transfer switch, if either power in-feed becomes unavailable, then the Sentry FSTS auto-switches to the remaining power feed source to reestablish power to the connected equipment.

The FSTS architecture provides patent pending power in-feed sharing. In the normal operational mode, each power in-feed is active and supplying power to one half of the total outlet receptacles. When a power in-feed fails, the receptacles normally associated with this "downed" in-feed are automatically switched over to the remaining active power feed. Once power is reestablished to the "downed" in-feed, the receptacles associated with it are switched back. This feature results in switching of only half the receptacles, and their associated load, in the event of a power in-feed failure.

A major advantage of the Industrial Grade FSTS is the power in-feed sharing which reduces wear on the relays. It also utilizes Server Technology patented arc suppression technology to prevent arcing between the relay points and contacts during power in-feed transfers. This is accomplished by utilizing solid state devices in conjunction with electromechanical relays. Solid state devices are used to both break and make connections to the electromechanical relay, allowing the isolation relay to make and break its contacts without heavy load currents being present.