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Premiertek 802.11a b g n 2.4GHz 5~5.8GHz Dual Band 5dBi Antenna

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The problem with many wireless networks is the poor coverage area of standard wireless networks. This 2.4 GHz high-gain wireless antenna can boost your wireless signal strength from a standard 2 dBi to 3-5 dBi. By increasing the strength of your external wireless antenna, your wireless network distance, signal strength and performance is significantly improved. Simply point your wireless directional antenna in the direction of your access point or network adapter and easily extend your signal range and quality. The high-gain corner antenna is the perfect solution for providing Wireless coverage in very large rooms, conference halls or buildings.

The antenna attaches directly to the external antenna connector of your wireless access point (router) or wireless network adapter. Simply unscrew your current antenna and screw on the high-gain antenna and you're ready to go!