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Netgear 52-port ProSafe 2nd Generation Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch

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  • GS752TSB-100NAS
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Enhanced scalability and network convergence for growing businesses!
Ordering Information
  • 52 IGMP, IGMP v2 IGMP v3 Ports
  • Remote Management over HTTP RMON 1, RMON 2, RMON 3, RMON 9, SNMP 1, SNMP 2c, SNMP 3
  • Warranty: Lifetime
This version of the ProSafe 2nd Generation Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch comes with fifty-two 10/100/1000 Mbps copper ports.

The ProSafe 2nd Generation Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch is unique in delivering the scalability, reliability, and performance growing small and medium-sized businesses need in an affordable and easy-to-manage package. It comes with more port density and a total of six SFP ports for fiber connectivity. Among them, two are shared, and the other four are dedicated for either stacking or uplinks. This generation of Stackable Smart Switch offers more flexibility and scalability that will make it easier and non-interruptive for growing businesses to expand their network capacity.

ProSafe uses two dedicated ports in the front of the switch for stacking, providing a 10Gbps, dual-ring, highly redundant stacking bus that carries intra-stack traffic and provide highest level of resilience, allowing you to stack up to six switches or up to 300 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, forming a virtual chassis for easy management under a single IP address. This stacking technology also provides several high-availability features to ensure business continuity including redundant stacking port connections proviing automatic fail-over in case any switch in the stack fails, with rapid reconfiguration, thus preventing network downtime.
Plus, this switch is hot-swappable, and can be integrated or removed without disrupting the network.

This Stackable Smart Switch comes with a complete suite of advanced features for more robust security, higher quality of service and high availability. This switch is equipped with highly advanced features such as access control lists (ACL), static routing, rate limiting, IGMP snooping, and Dynamic VLAN assignment among others to provide a small and medium sized business with a network that is geared for growth while providing scalability and reliability.