MagTek BulleT Secure Card Reader Bluetooth Battery Powered, Requires MSR Key

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The BulleT MagneSafe V5 Swipe Reader is a compact, handheld magnetic stripe card reader that conforms to ISO standards. In addition to reading multiple tracks of data from a card, this Reader also includes MagnePrint technology and data encryption. The MagnePrint data will be included with the track data on each transaction. In order to maximize card security, this Reader incorporates data encryption to protect the card contents and the MagnePrint information. The Reader is compatible with any device having a host Bluetooth interface. A card is read by sliding it, stripe down and facing toward the LED side, through the slot either forward or backward.

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicator on the Reader panel provides the operator with continuous status of the Reader operations.

When a card is swiped through the Reader, the track data and MagnePrint information will be TDEA (Triple Data Encryption Algorithm, aka Triple DES) encrypted using DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction) key management. This method of key management uses a base derivation key to encrypt a key serial number that produces an initial encryption key which is injected into the Reader prior to deployment. After each transaction, the encryption key is modified per the DUKPT algorithm so that each transaction uses a unique key. Thus, the data will be encrypted with a different encryption key for each transaction.