Liebert GXT4 1000VA R T Online UPS 120V w Rackmount Kit

  • Liebert
  • 18382001
  • GXT4-1000RT120
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  • Provides 900watt(s) power
  • 7.00 minute(s) Battery Runtime at Full Load
The Liebert GXT4 is a compact, online uninterruptible power system (UPS) that continuously conditions and regulates its output voltage. The Liebert GXT4 is designed to supply microcomputers and other sensitive equipment with clean sine wave input power.

Upon generation, AC power is clean and stable. However, during transmission and distribution it is subject to voltage sags, spikes and complete failure that may interrupt computer operations, cause data loss and damage equipment.

The Liebert GXT4 protects equipment from these disturbances. The Liebert GXT4 continuously charges its batteries from utility power, enabling it to supply power to connected loads, even when utility power fails.