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Jabra Motion Office Headset

  • Jabra
  • 17240941
  • 6670-904-105
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The only headset you’ll ever need!
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  • Ear-hook headphone
  • Hi-Fi stereo audio output
The professional wireless blueooth Jabra Motion Office Headset lets you take calls from your desk phone, VoIP softphone, mobile phones and tablet. Featuring multiple phone connectivity, so you can stay connected to all your phones using the same headset, it allows you to transfer calls from your desk phone or VoIP softphone to your mobile phone and continue your call as you head out the door. Plus, built-in sensors ensure you never miss a call. When picked up, the headset automatically answers incoming calls and intuitively adjusts the volume to your surroundings. You can answer calls using voice commands, or use the foldable boom arm.

With the Motion Office Headset experience crystal clear call quality wherever you are - even in noisy, windy environments. The intuitive ‘Power Nap’ mode makes the headset power down when not in use to give you more talk time. Its unique design enables you to adjust the height of the speaker housing arm for maximum comfort. And, three ear gel tips are included for a perfect fit.

Tired of being tied to your desk? Have the freedom to move about in and outside of the office space up to a range of 100m/300ft from your phone without having to put your call on hold. Also, multiple mobile workers with a flexible office environment are enabled to use the same office space at different times by the Hot Desking feature. Just plug in your headset to any Jabra Motion Office base and you’re ready to work.