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HPE 2-year Computrace Complete

Protect your data, guard against theft, and track your PCs.
Ordering Information
  • Asset adminstration
  • Theft recovery & remote data delete
  • Up to $1,000 guarantee
Computrace Complete allows you to centrally manage your IT assets within a single interface – where you can identify any computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies, and maintain a fleet of optimally running devices. And in the event of loss or theft, Computrace can help you recover your computer.

The Computrace Agent is embedded in the firmware of many computers at the factory. Or you can easily install it yourself. The Agent is incredibly persistent and allows you to maintain a connection with all of your computers regardless if they are off the network and even if the hard drive is completely reformatted or replaced. Once the Agent is activated – your computers (and everything on them) are protected.

Monitor and manage all of your IT assets within the Absolute Customer Center (regardless if a device is on or off your network). In the event of loss or theft, remotely delete all sensitive information and generate reports to prove your compliance with government and corporate regulations. Report a theft and engage the Absolute Theft Recovery Team who will work with local law enforcement to recover your property.

Computrace Complete for offers the full range of Computrace features, including the following: asset administration, data and device security, geotechnology (for physical location tracking), theft recovery, Intel AT Support, and Computrace's Service Guarantee, which will compensate you up to $1,000 if Computrace cannot recover your computer or remotely delete its data. (Some conditions apply for the Service Guarantee.)