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HPE 12TB StoreOnce 3520 System

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HPE StoreOnce Systems with StoreOnce Catalyst provide a consistent, high-performance backup architecture that spans the entire enterprise!
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To reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by 95 percent for mid-size data centers you can choose the HPE 12TB StoreOnce 3520 System. Industry leading backup and restore speeds mean that you can meet shrinking backup windows and recovery SLAs. Plus, with HPE StoreOnce as the industry’s only federated deduplication technology, you can dedupe anywhere and control the movement of deduplicated data across the enterprise using your backup application. Seamlessly integrating with your current backup applications and business applications, HPE StoreOnce Systems provide flexible integration for SAN, Ethernet and virtualized environments reducing your cost, risk and complexity.

Deduplicate anywhere via physical or virtual appliances at the application source, the backup server, the target appliance or directly from StoreServ via RMC. Deduplicate where it makes sense for your business, not where technology vendors’ limitations mandate, saving time and money. HPE StoreOnce delivers a unified solution for seamless data movement across the enterprise. HPE StoreOnce Federated Catalyst in a multi-node system allows Catalyst stores to span nodes simplifying backup management and optimizing available storage in large environments.