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Cisco StealthWatch 10K FPS VE Bundle

  • Cisco
  • 30933362
  • L-LC-10K-BND-VE-K9
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Collect and analyze massive amounts of network data to obtain comprehensive visibility for early threat detection.

The StealthWatch FlowCollector collects and analyzes vast amounts of valuable data from existing network infrastructure to provide a complete, cost-effective picture of everything happening in an enterprise environment. Sophisticated behavioral analytics and advanced security context enable early detection and enhanced protection for a wide range of threats including APTs, insider threats, DDoS and zero-day malware. The FlowCollector uses flow-based anomaly detection to zoom in on any unusual behavior and immediately sends an alarm with actionable intelligence that allows personnel to take quick, decisive steps to mitigate any issues. Operators can use the StealthWatch System’s unique drill-down features to identify and isolate the root cause within seconds, enhancing operational efficiency, decreasing costs and dramatically reducing the time from problem onset to resolution.