Cisco Prime Network Registrar 8.0 License

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  • PNR-8.1-DHCP-5K
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Cisco Prime Network Registrar is a comprehensive DHCP, DNS, IPAM (DDI) application suite. It supports network administrators interested in providing a consistent implementation of policies, client classes, and scope templates via a command line or web based cluster management interface. Using integrated real-time reporting features, administrators can access subnet usage and IP lease history data from both Regional and Local clusters. Cisco Prime Network Registrar includes support for dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 deployment on a single server and critical DHCP and DNS features which are needed by customers interested in managing a successful transition from IPv4 to IPv6. DHCPv6 services include basic address assignment, prefix delegation, and stateless and stateful auto configuration. With support for DNSv6, Network Registrar provides direct updates and queries of IPv6 clients, including full support for AAAA and PTR resource records for IPv6 addresses. A DNS caching server supports DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and is designed to prevent cache poisoning and other attacks. Additional functionality includes support for multi-tenancy and virtual machines thereby facilitating cloud computing opportunities while lowering cost of ownership and server counts in many network implementations. Cisco Prime Network Registrar 8.0 introduces a full featured IP address management application (IPAM) which allows users to set thresholds and alerts for impending address depletion. Additional IPAM functionality includes graphical reports, granular administrative policies, and audit reporting.