Acronis Govt. Acad. Backup & Recovery 11.5 Advanced Workstation w AAP Gov ESD 1-9U

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Agent for Windows, included in Advanced Workstation, provides image- and file-based backup for laptops and desktops with individual files and bare-metal recovery support. It is built around Acronis' state-of-the-art imaging technology and allows you to create image-based backups, or snapshots, of your entire system, including operating system, applications, configuration and data; and recover the image to the same hardware or dissimilar hardware. File-based backup can be used to protect individual folders.

The imaging technology analyzes supported file systems in order to identify and skip the backup of unused blocks, unnecessary files - like page and hibernation files - and custom files and folders defined by the user.

Agent for Windows seamlessly integrates reporting, cataloging with search, and disk, fully compatible with other platform agents, with other platform modules for centralized management and tape and cloud support. Backups are stored in a unified format - opening endless flexibility and migration options.

Individual files can be recovered from a disk image. These files are then added to a searchable centralized catalog along with file-based backups. One single-pass backup is enough for both disaster recovery and long- term data recovery.