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Remote Learning


The Virtual Classroom

Does your school or district have the resources needed to support remote learning? With the right technology, you can seamlessly connect teachers, students, and parents—and deliver the reliability, security, and performance required for virtual classrooms.

Whether you’re preparing for school closures or your physical infrastructure is taxed to the limit, you need guidance to make the leap to remote learning. The experts at Connection can help you create virtual learning solutions that keep students on track for success. Browse remote learning options below, explore our compilation of free resources for schools, and call your Account Manager to ensure you have everything you need to keep your classrooms full of great ideas and happy students.

Special Offers on Collaboration Platforms

Take advantage of special extended trial offers on the latest tools for supporting remote work. Talk to your Account Manager today to learn how you can get Adobe Creative Cloud tools for students, access to advanced Google Hangouts Meet capabilities, 90-day licenses for Cisco Webex, 30 days of VMware Workspace ONE, and a subscription to Microsoft Office 365—all at no cost.

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Create a Complete Virtual Classroom Solution

Create a Complete Virtual Classroom Solution
Enabling remote learning isn’t just about providing the right devices and equipment to let students and teachers get online from home. You need collaboration platforms, VPN technologies, and security tools to protect your network and keep your users safe.
Collaboration Platforms
Give students the tools they need to share ideas, get feedback, and progress faster than if they were all sitting in a traditional classroom. With powerful collaboration tools from Microsoft, Cisco, Google, LogMeIn, and more, you can enable anytime, anywhere learning.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Is your VPN capable of supporting an influx of new users, or will it be pushed to the limit if you expand your remote user base? Talk to your Account Manager about VPN constraints, licensing considerations, and available bandwidth to ensure you’re ready for the demands of remote learning.
Security Software
Your school network extends to every device that connects to it. Which means your confidential information can be at risk if those devices are not properly secured. Put the right security applications in place today and protect your network to the very edge.

remotework_tsgYou’re Not Alone—We’re Here to Help

Your helpdesk is overloaded with calls. Your network is pushed to the limit. And you’re supporting new platforms, new applications, and new demands every day—not to mention solving the same old issues that never seem to go away. Let the experts at Connection help lighten your load. As an extension of your IT team, we offer:

•  Professional services to assist with overflow helpdesk calls
•  Network assessment and design services to ensure you have the bandwidth, resiliency, and security to support your remote workforce
•  Remote computing via VMware WorkspaceONE/Horizon, Citrix, or Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop to enable new solutions or scale your existing one
•  Secure corporate application delivery and access to both corporate-owned and personal client devices

Flexible Financing Options for Accelerated Deployments

From upgrading mobile devices to scaling up software licensing, deploying the right technology to support remote learning can be a challenge—especially on a fixed budget and a tight deadline. Financing options from Connection Financial Services offer a more flexible, affordable way to equip your school with the up-to-date technology you need. Talk to your Account Manager about optimizing your budget today.
Free Up Your Resources with Flexible Finance Options