Synnex ADV Installation 56"+ display

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Ordering Information
SKU Services Description:
Included with SKU:
SYNNEX technicians will arrive onsite to perform the following:
• Unbox provided display and mount.
• Fasten mount to customer designated wall.
• Place display on mount.
• Run provided cable up to 75’ utilizing existing cabling path ways. (Conduit, cable trays, wire mold)
• Connect all associated cables. (HDMI/VGA/CAT5/6)
• Provide basic calibration of device.
• Test functionality with customer.
• Remove all debris and place in customers dumpster.
Not Included with SKU:
• Lift rental (Required for installs over 15’ from floor)
• Union or Prevailing Wages
• Conduit, Cabling Trays, Wire molding.
• Electrical Work
• Cost of Permits
• Does not include securing to rafters above ceiling grid. (Custom Quote)
SKU Requirements Prior to Arrival and While Onsite
• All walls must be sheet rock.
• All ceilings are drop ceilings.
• Existing cabling pathways are in place. (Conduit, cabling trays, wire molding)
• Installation areas are clean and free of debris.
• All work will be performed during normal business hours. Monday-Friday 9-6pm local time.
• Customer to provide access to all areas installation is to be performed.
• Customer to provide IT assistance for IP addresses and network questions as needed.
• Customer to provide contractor ID badge for all technicians. (If required)
• Customer to provide staging area or room for technicians.

Cancellation or Reschdule Fee:
• A cancellation/reschedule fee of $250.00 will be invoiced for any appointment that is cancelled within 2 business days of a scheduled appointment.