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Time is money. Save time and improve profits by giving the people in your business the ability to instantly communicate with others to solve problems, respond to customers and accelerate work processes. Ipswitch Instant Messaging enables everyone in your company to benefit from real-time collaboration offering security, flexibility, ease-of-use and more.

Instant Messaging (IM) is collaboration technology that allows co-workers to use their computer to communicate with each other singly or in groups. IM eliminates communication gaps between people and departments. For example, it allows customer service to access product engineering, and human resources to solve problems for sales. IM can be used to communicate effectively and instantly with co-workers down the hall and around the world.

IM is so convenient and useful as a business tool that if it is not part of the collaboration environment, users will adopt it themselves. In fact, many users take the initiative to install external, public IM clients in their work environment. However, because these free IM services rely on public servers outside the control of the business, they expose the organization to security and confidentiality risks. They can expose proprietary methods or information and they may enable employees to unknowingly violate confidentiality laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA requires secure communications when handling confidential employee information or patient information, and using unencrypted IM to communicate this information is in violation of HIPAA regulations.

To solve these problems and gain control over IM business communications, many businesses have recognized the need to take control of their own IM infrastructures. Unfortunately, many of these infrastructures are only offered as add-ons to complex, large-footprint groupware environments that are extraordinarily costly and require high administrative overhead. Ipswitch Instant Messaging offers a unique combination of features and built-in security that enables organizations to widely deploy IM while ensuring the confidentiality and security of the organization's information and processes. Ipswitch Instant Messaging offers advanced capabilities in a simple, well-designed, IM-specific architecture without unnecessary complexity and overhead.