Black Box ServShield 17U x 36"d, w M6 Rails, Vented, Fixed Monitor Shelf, (3) Fans, Black

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How do you keep servers, process controllers and other high-end network hardware in tip-top shape when your workspace circulates more dust than an F5 tornado? Answer: the ServShield cabinet from Black Box.

What happens when a processor finally gives in to dust? You are looking at costly downtime and an easily avoided expense. With the ServShield's unique air filtering system, you don't have to worry. The lower door has a vent with an attached air filter. The rear door is also fitted with air filters as well as three 75-cfm fans. When the fans operate, air is drawn through the front filter, cleaned thoroughly and expelled through the rear. This design creates a constant flow of circulating, filtered air that keeps your equipment operating efficiently. The total 225-cfm circulation is more than sufficient to keep your equipment cool. Each door is fitted with water-resistant gaskets and compression latches that provide superior protection from dripping water and airborne moisture. In addition to the fans and filters, the rear door has twin compression latches to make an extra strong, water-resistant seal.

You have hardware of different sizes? The ServShield's top and bottom each include two pairs of adjustable 19" EIA mounting rails with square M6 holes for cage nuts. The rails in the top are spaced at 14U, and the rails in the bottom are spaced at 17U, so you do not have trouble fitting your network components.

Easy to level, easy to move -- the ServShield includes rubber feet and casters so you do not have trouble leveling it or moving it when you add equipment or reorganize your facility.