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Discover the Benefits of Online Gaming

Discover the Benefits of eSports

The worldview on gaming has changed, and both students and educators are now looking to the rising popularity of eSports as a potential venue for fun, a source of income, or as a way to foster school pride and healthy interscholastic competition. If your organization is looking to create a team, league, or arena, there’s never been a better time than right now. However, going from game on to game over can happen quickly without a clear vision of your goals, an understanding of today’s technology, and a clear roadmap to tomorrow.

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For more than 35 years, Connection has transformed technology into complete solutions that advance the value of IT. We carry a variety of hardware and software ideal for eSports, and our team of experts can provide support for infrastructure and arena design. Whether you’re an actual player, part of a team, or in charge of the infrastructure that supports eSports, we can put our partnerships to work for you to get your eSports program a high score.

Continual Development

The eSports community is growing, and so are we! Please check back often as we continue to expand our resources and become your complete eSports provider.

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Connection recognizes the value eSports has to offer your organization and can help you prepare for a future in this quickly growing field. Connect with an Account Manager today at 800.600.9357 and learn how to:
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