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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services

Maximize Your Investment In The Cloud

In recent years, the promise of cloud computing has become increasingly compelling for many types of workloads. You want to be sure you make the right choice between AWS, Azure, and keeping parts of your IT infrastructure on-premises. Additionally, any cloud migration has to happen with minimal disruptions, and costs have to be kept under control.

Connection’s cloud specialists can help you navigate the complexities of various cloud environments. Instead of hasty lift and shift operations, we believe a deliberate, measured approach to cloud adoption is the best way to ensure business continuity. We will be the first to tell you if we believe a workload migration will be a poor investment.

Connection’s suite of cloud services helps organizations:

  • Properly assess existing application workloads and dependencies.
  • Determine if a cloud migration is a good investment and which assets to migrate.
  • Assess whether a private, public, or hybrid cloud model would be a good fit.
  • Consider which cloud solutions are the best fit for your unique business needs.
  • Plan a roadmap for migration, including cost estimates.
  • Ensure a successful, secure move to the cloud.
Expert Cloud Guidance

Expert Cloud Guidance

Cloud migrations are not guaranteed to be smooth. Applications and services can break or perform poorly, with serious impacts on business operations. Poorly planned cloud migrations can put a huge dent in your budget: according to the 2019 Flexera study mentioned above, roughly 35% of cloud spend is wasted1.

Worse still, organizations that rush into quick lift and shift migrations can face disruptive and expensive cloud repatriation efforts later.

With Connection’s expertise in cloud infrastructure services, we provide a detailed migration roadmap with accurate cost estimates specific to your organization’s assets and requirements.

Expert Guidance from Cloud Specialists

Connection’s cloud specialists have spent decades focused on understanding the needs of organizations.

Right-Fit Cloud Services

Whether you are beginning to determine the best cloud model to suit your needs, assessing which application workloads can be safely moved to the cloud, or considering which cloud service provider (CSP) would serve the best return on your investment, Connection’s cloud experts are here to help.

To start, Connection offers the Cloud Landscape Optimization (CLO) assessment. The CLO helps you determine:
  • Organizational readiness for a cloud migration.
  • Quick migration wins for your organization.
  • Applications that will most benefit from detailed dependency mapping.
  • Next steps for a cloud migration and recommendations for remediation.

This service is typically appropriate for organizations with up to 50 workloads and 200 or more employees, but contact your Connection account manager to find out if the CLO is right for you.

Beyond the CLO, you have the choice of scope of service that best addresses your organization’s needs. Connection understands that cloud solutions need to change as business needs fluctuate, and we have the flexibility to execute on additional projects as your IT operations evolve.
According to a 2019 Flexera study1, 94% of IT professionals have adopted cloud computing. However, choosing the right cloud, determining if a workload is a fit for the cloud, and optimizing cloud costs are new challenges facing organizations.

Connection’s Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure offers a smooth transition for organizations with significant investments in Microsoft products, services, tools, and frameworks. Azure’s strengths in hybrid cloud can help you bridge legacy on-premises data centers with a rapidly scalable cloud environment. Connection offers an end-to-end modular solution with a proven framework and toolsets to help you migrate your workloads to Azure—no matter what your on-premises environment looks like. Your organization benefits by retaining investments in existing skills and knowledge, while gaining flexibility to meet business challenges.
Azure Managed Services
If you’ve recently invested in new cloud services, making sure you get the most out of them requires effective management. Whether you need help untangling migration complexities or a partner to provide a strategy to manage hybrid environments and resources, our experts are here to help. With our Managed Cloud Services, we can help you efficiently manage operations, strengthen security, and ensure your investment matches your needs.
Cloud Assessments
Cloud migrations are complex. To ensure a smooth cloud migration, Connection’s Cloud Assessment Services provide in-depth analyses of costs, assets, dependencies, and resource allocation.
VMware Cloud on AWS
VMware Cloud on AWS offers a broad set of tools and a powerful IaaS environment. If your organization already utilizes virtual machines, VMware enables a convenient migration path. After the Hybrid Cloud Readiness Assessment (HCRA) determines your organization’s preparedness for a migration, Connection will validate workloads utilizing the VMware Cloud on AWS Proof of Concept. Your organization benefits from a smooth cloud transition, gaining new infrastructure without the cost and logistical headaches typically associated with a new data center rollout.

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