Why Fortinet

Fortinet provides an integrated Chromebook security solution for both on campus and off campus Chromebook use cases. Fortinet can help meet eRate compliance mandates, reduce operational cost, and improve efficiency with a single console.

Tools to Succeed in the 21st Century

IT Security is in the forefront of the minds of school officials everywhere. Fortinet Education Solutions are cost-efficient and provide proactive and adaptive protection for all devices and data on today’s growing and evolving networks. Discover how Summit Public Schools created a secure learning environment using the Fortinet solution and the Fortinet Security Fabric where students can learn and explore.

Securing K-12 Schools

Fortinet’s Secure Access Solution takes network security from the core and extends it to the access layer regardless of the access type or connection method. Instead of offering a one size fits all solution, Fortinet understands that schools require flexibility and addresses this need by offering three distinct deployment options.

The integrated option is suited for schools that want to deploy a consolidated network and security approach. Security and access are integrated on FortiGate firewalls. The controller option is for schools that need the most flexible wireless channel configuration and layering to simplify deployment. And finally, there is also a cloud option that integrates wireless access and security on the access point at an affordable price.

Meeting CIPA Compliance with Fortinet

Federal law HR4577, better known as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), was enacted by Congress in December of 2000. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) then issued rules to ensure enforcement of CIPA requirements. In order to receive E-Rate discounts for Internet access and internal connection services under the Universal Service Fund (USF), CIPA requires certain K-12 schools and library authorities to certify that they are enforcing a policy of Internet safety.

Fortinet solutions will help you achieve CIPA compliance while protecting students and faculty from exposure to inappropriate content.

Challenges of Securing Chromebooks: Compliance to CIPA First and Foremost

Off Campus: 1-1 initiatives and Chromebooks allowed to be taken home must be secured off network. Inappropriate sites must continue to be blocked when off campus.

For off-campus Chromebook web filter enforcement, there is the FortiClient Chromebook Enterprise Management Server which allows a Web Filtering feature and monitors all FortiClient-enabled Chromebooks.
On-Campus: support needed for "cart systems" where devices are not assigned to a specific end user, but IT staff need to identify who is logged into the Chromebook session along with Internet search activity logs to enforce identity-aware policies on students.

For on-campus, FortiAuthenticator provides single sign-on (SSO) with Google G-Suite, granular Google group based access control, reporting, and analytics. This is integrated with the FortiGate firewall, which allows schools to use G-Suite identity and group information with no additional login required.