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Advanced Threat Protection

Counter the Evolving Cyber Security Challenge

Today's threats are more sophisticated and successful than ever and organizations need to do everything they can to prevent, detect, and mitigate threats as quickly as possible. With a dynamic attack surface due to the rise of IoT and cloud services, it’s clear that no one technology will be able to stop every threat. To protect your enterprise against sophisticated threats, it’s important to establish a comprehensive and cohesive security infrastructure that is broad enough to cover all attack vectors, powerful enough to run the latest security technologies, and automated to keep pace with fast-moving attacks. Connection and Fortinet provide solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

Email Security

A secure email gateway (SEG) is designed to block ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats seeking entry through incoming email, while ensuring that outgoing messages don’t improperly leak sensitive data. Given that two-thirds of malware was installed with email attachments—according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report—these are critical capabilities. Email is also the most common entry point for ransomware, costing organizations millions of dollars last year. SEGs also help ensure compliance with a wide range of data privacy regulations as well as corporate mandates to protect intellectual property. Implementing a top-rated secure email gateway that includes integrated data protection features is a critical requirement to securing your organization and its information.
FortiMail includes:
  • Effective anti-spam capabilities
  • Top-rated anti-malware protection
  • Robust data loss prevention features
  • Identity-based encryption to secure sensitive data
  • Integrated email archiving
Email Security

Sandbox Security: Advanced Threat Protection

Today’s security threats are increasingly sophisticated and often bypass traditional malware security by masking their malicious activity. This makes stopping targeted attacks and subsequent data loss extremely difficult. Having measures in place to reduce your organization’s risk is mission critical.
On this episode of ConnectionPoint, we will be addressing Fortinet’s FortiSandbox and how it augments your security architecture by validating threats in a separate, secure environment.


With the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, it takes only one threat to slip through security for a data breach to occur. While attack surfaces are becoming more dynamic due to the rise of IoT and cloud-based services, organizations are looking for ways to integrate sandboxing with greater controls and a high degree of automation.
FortiSandbox includes:
  • Critical protection against advanced and emerging threats
  • Integration with Fortinet and third-party security solutions to help protect your dynamic attack surface
  • Automated sharing of threat intelligence in real time to disrupt attacks early
  • Flexible form factors to help support various industry requirements

Advanced Threat Protection

Securing today’s enterprise is more challenging than ever. With so many potential ways for cyber criminals to gain entry into the dynamic enterprise, it is important to design and implement a security architecture that is broad enough to cover the entire attack surface. Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection delivers just that with its integrated, top-rated components spanning prevention, detection, and mitigation.

Advanced Threats, Advanced Solutions: Integrating a Sandbox into Your Infrastructure

Fighting today’s advanced threats requires a multilayered approach. Fortinet FortiSandbox offers you the ultimate combination of proactive mitigation, visibility, and rich reporting. It also delivers the power of the Fortinet award-winning antivirus and threat-scanning technology, dual-level sandboxing, and the option of additional integration with the FortiGuard cloud-based community to deliver state-of-the-art threat protection.
Read this white paper to learn how to integrate a sandbox into your infrastructure.
Advanced Threats, Advanced Solutions:  Integrating a Sandbox into Your Infrastructure

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