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Comprehensive USB Type C (USB-C) to DisplayPort Adapter

  • Comprehensive Cable
  • 31163726
  • USB31-DPF
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Comprehensive's SuperSpeed 3.1 cable adapter allows you to easily connect extra monitors to your laptop or desktop without having an extra graphic card. This device takes a USB signal and converts it to a DisplayPort output to overcome any display limitation on your computer. Comprehensive's USB 3.1 graphics adapter connects external HD TV or monitor with a computer via USB 3.1 Type-C port, supporting mirror and extend modes. A user can work and watch a movie at one time with two monitors - the device responds to a user's request of adding two or more displays, immediately. More important, this device supports "hot plugging" - a user could remove extra monitors at any time without restarting the PC. The USB Type-C connector is reversible and can be plugged in no matter if placed up-side-down or right-side up, eliminating primary frustrations with getting the port insertion "just right". USB Type-C offers a low-profile, robust design, which is more durable compared to the previous versions of USB connectors.