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Connection Is Your K-12 Trusted Advisor

As technology advances at a rapid pace, district leaders are responsible for prioritizing initiatives and finding budget dollars to spend on them. It isn’t an easy task, with so many needs and limited resources. Connection® Public Sector Solutions can help you develop a roadmap to plan for—and uncover—funding that supports technology initiatives big and small. Through our A+ Academy—created by Connection with our top education partners—we’re bringing you an educational series focused on grant funding, device deployment, cloud transformation, E-Rate, and all things STEM and STEAM.
Connection Is Your K-12 Trusted Advisor

Funding to Empower STEM and STEAM Education Within Your District

Because so many different federal agencies have STEM- and STEAM-related grant programs for K–12 schools, they can be easy to miss. In fact, STEM- and STEAM-focused grant opportunities are available from the Department of Education, Defense, Labor, and Agriculture, as well as other federal grant makers like the EPA and NSF. You can’t expect to get them all, but knowing where to look and how to approach different funders can help you access the resources you need to make your STEM and STEAM curriculum and classroom technology vision a reality.
Listen to our webcast, where Connection® Public Sector Solutions, Grants Office, and Microsoft Education discuss the different sources of STEM and STEAM funding for district classroom technology, curriculum development, and teacher training. We also cover strategies for developing competitive proposals to these funders, and technologies that are moving STEM and STEAM education forward today.

Using Grants to Leverage the Connectivity You’ve Already Funded with E-Rate

If your district uses E-Rate funding for connectivity and technology infrastructure, you already have all the foundation you need to attract grant dollars that can help transform your educational programs—from 1:1 computing to personalized education and beyond—and make your district’s E-Rate connectivity come to life across grade spans and disciplines.
Watch our webcast, where Connection, Grants Office, and special guests from HPE Aruba discuss the grant programs that dovetail with E-Rate, highlight best practices for developing technology-rich projects across your district, and review some of the technology solutions that are working in schools today.

A World of STEM and STEAM Opportunities with Intel and Lenovo

A good deal of grant funding for K–12 STEM and STEAM initiatives, especially from the National Science Foundation (NSF), involves fostering connections with institutions and resources outside the school itself. The goal is not just to expand students’ horizons and sense of what’s possible through STEM and STEAM in the future, but also to give the entire educational community access to a broader range of instructional tools and curricula than the district would be able to provide alone.
Listen to our webcast, where Connection® Public Sector Solutions, Grants Office, and special guests Lenovo and Intel discuss the NSF grant opportunities and technology solutions that can help you expand your district’s STEM and STEAM offerings, while also building practical connections with higher education, industry, and STEM and STEAM leaders around the world.
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Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panels

Boasting 4K UHD resolution and a 20-point touch-enabled display, Optoma Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panels bring lessons to life. Available in 65", 75" and 86" sizes—and featuring anti-glare glass, a Blue Light Filter and wide viewing angle—these displays provide vivid visuals to every seat in the room. And by combining wireless content sharing, a ready-to-use whiteboard packed with annotation tools, extensive connectivity, and a custom-designed VESA wall mount, they make collaboration easy in classrooms, lecture halls, and other shared spaces.
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Optoma - Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panels

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