STEAM Lesson Plans for Grades 5‑8

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Thank you for supporting STEAM in your school! We hope your students will love learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and math with lesson plans that make each subject come alive.
Lessons Plans for Grades 5‑8

The lesson plan pack for Grades 5–8 features cutting-edge technologies from:

Makey Makey
Guide for teachers to set up circuit stations with Makey Makey and paper circuits.
Explore the concept of a programming “loop” to reproduce a series of flips.
Build a traffic signal with a red and green light and create code that includes loops.
Students will explore what a terrarium is (why and how they were invented) and begin to think about how they will design their own.
Wonder Workshop
Develop an understanding of ratios and learn the relationship between distance and speed while training an athlete for skating competitions.
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STEAM Curriculum

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