STEAM Resources

Bring STEAM to Your Classroom

There’s never a better time than the present to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in your school! Get your students excited about topics and technologies that will prepare them for today’s toughest challenges and tomorrow’s fastest-growing occupations.

From advancing national performance in standardized tests to closing the gender gap in tech-related careers, focusing on STEAM will help your students master the skills they’ll need to build better, brighter futures.

Download Your Free STEAM Lesson Plans Here

Connection has partnered with leading manufacturers and vendors to compile a valuable collection of STEAM lesson plans just for you. Designed to highlight the very best of what STEAM education technologies have to offer your school, these curated lesson plans will help capture your students’ imagination with curriculum that inspires and fresh approaches to age-old learning obstacles.

Lessons Plans for Grades P‑4

The lesson plan pack for Grades P–4 includes learning materials from leading STEAM vendors:
  • S—Primo Cubetto
  • T—PowerUP
  • E—Modular Robotics - Cubelets
  • A—Kano
  • M—Makey Makey
Lessons Plans for Grades P‑4

Lessons Plans for Grades 5‑8

The lesson plan pack for Grades 5–8 features cutting-edge technologies from:
  • S—Makey Makey
  • T—DJI
  • E—Sony KOOV
  • A—Mayku
  • M—Wonder Workshop
Lessons Plans for Grades 5‑8