Funding Education Technology

Find the Right Funding for Your Education Needs

Connection® Public Sector Solutions and Grants Office are dedicated to helping districts access more of the funding that is available to schools. Grants Office is a national grants development services firm with a 15-year track record of helping schools find and secure funding. Together, we can help you find grant money fast.
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Funding Education Technology

Maximize Grant Funding for Your STEM Initiatives

Tools and technology to build effective STEM programs are being introduced to educators every day. But preparing students for the careers of tomorrow and improving outcomes across all grade levels is hard to do on a limited budget. Microsoft Education and Grants Office, LLC have developed best practices for finding and applying for STEM grant funding for K-12 classrooms across the country.
Maximize Grant Funding for Your STEM Initiatives

Funding Education Technology

Connection® Public Sector Solutions has partnered with Grants Office, LLC and Microsoft to deliver a Web series on funding education technology through federally funded grants. In this series you will discover how to identify technology projects that can be funded through grants, and learn more about the technologies available to help every student achieve more.

Register today to attend the upcoming webcast to learn more about technology-enhanced literacy program funding.

Funding Technology-Enabled Literacy Education

Technology is playing in increasingly prominent role in literacy initiatives across the nation. While such initiatives are producing promising results, we often see those districts with the greatest literacy challenges experience the greatest struggle in paying for new technology solutions that could aid in improving student literacy. Watch our webcast for an in-depth look at this literacy-focused, technology-friendly grant program, as well as some of the latest literacy supporting technology on the market.

Doing More with Foundation Funding

Every year, nearly $50 billion dollars in grant funds are awarded by private and corporate foundations—with many of these dollars going to support education initiatives. For those who have only considered state or federal competitive grant opportunities, this means that you could be missing out on a number of relevant funding sources. Watch our webcast for some great tips to develop proposals in response to foundation funding opportunities.

Bring Classroom Technology Funding Home

Funding for classroom technology is a common feature of many grants, and the federal government alone distributes over $500 billion in grant awards each year. Watch our webcast and learn how to get started with grants to support district goals for technology and student achievement.

Prepare Students to Participate in the STEM Workforce

Knowledge of computing is an integral part of any modern STEM career. Unfortunately, lack of funding can put computing and computational thinking education on the back burner within K-12 schools. Watch our webcast for a look at innovative computing education technologies, the requirements for application to this program, and general tips for preparing an NSF grant application.

Funding Educational Technology at Charter and Magnet Schools

Grant makers love innovation, and charter schools and magnet schools are among the nation’s premier learning environments to test new practices in educational service delivery. Whether you’re looking to develop funding applications for your school or integrate technology into the classroom, watch our webcast and discover how to find and compete for the most competitive grants.

Funding Education Technology for Students with Disabilities

From small, rural districts to the largest city schools, technology is revolutionizing education for students with disabilities. Dedicated federal and state grant programs are available to support the special education technology needs of districts and supplement district initiatives that are already being maintained with Title 1 and IDEA funding.

E-Rate: We Do the Homework for You

Full access to telecommunications and information resources enables rich teaching and learning in our schools. The high level of service required for students to engage fully, however, means a steep cost for learning institutions.

Connection® Public Sector Solutions Supports Next-Gen Education Curriculum

Educators have recently expanded the traditional focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum to include a greater emphasis on innovation and creativity. Find out how Connection® Public Sector Solutions can help guide your curriculum towards greater success through technology that is purpose-built for the classroom.