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PTS Tracerplus Connect 10 Seat License.

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TracerPlus Connect allows anyone to sync data between databases, Microsoft Excel, text files or data collected with their TracerPlus mobile software with a high level of control and without a steep learning curve.

TracerPlus Connect was developed to break down the barriers for both programmers and non-programmers who have grown tired of the complex workarounds needed in order to share data between different departments using incompatible data systems. Its primary purpose is to easily sync between PTS’s TracerPlus mobile data collection software and an array of widely used databases.

TracerPlus Connect has also opened up possibilities for users who don’t yet have a mobile element to their businesses. The ability to sync any ODBC database table like Microsoft Access, SQL databases and Oracle to other sources like Excel and text files will help the transfer of information throughout an organization.

TracerPlus Connect provides a number of additional features including the ability to send filtered records out of a central database to different recipients automatically, the option to sync through a wired connection or via wireless network, and the ability to run behind the scenes as a Windows Service.