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Cisco Unified Communications Solutions enable collaboration so that organizations can quickly adapt to market changes while increasing productivity, improving competitive advantage through speed and innovation, and delivering a rich-media experience across any workspace, securely and with optimal quality.

Speech Connect for Cisco Unity Connection, a speech-enabled automated attendant for the enterprise, allows people to connect quickly with their colleagues using only their voice. Internal or external callers say the name of an employee into the phone and are connected to that employee (dial by name). Users can collaborate more quickly and easily by connecting with each other without having to know multiple phone numbers. With the proliferation of mobile devices, flexible workspaces, and employee turnover, removing the need to know numbers greatly simplifies communications.

If multiple employees have the same name or if Speech Connect does not have a perfect match for the name spoken by the caller, the application presents numerous name choices for the caller and includes additional information such as the employee's location or department. This process is called disambiguation. Speech Connect also plays the person's recorded name in that person's own voice, if available, making it easier for the caller to choose among the multiple names selected through the disambiguation process.

You can configure Speech Connect to respond to many voice commands, not just employee names. For example, if you add product names in the Speech Connect directory, customers can speak the name of a product and reach a person responsible for that product. Employee names, departments, conference rooms, product names, and any other entity that steers a caller to a phone number can enhance the value of Speech Connect to your employees and customers.

While Speech Connect enables faster, easier connections over the phone, Cisco Unity Connection improves productivity by allowing employees to access messages any time from anywhere, thereby enabling them to respond more quickly to messages.