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A Seamless Approach to Multi-Vendor Environments

Industry data shows that more than 30% of all software security solutions are acquired in suites to aid in the unification and implementation of security policies. In other words, where one mechanism leaves off, another one immediately picks up. Since security can often be a mix of investments from multiple vendors, we frequently see areas where coverage cannot be extended and also examples where integration between vendors’ products is less than ideal. Our team can help ensure that whether you’re using one or multiple security providers, your environment is adequately configured and provides the protection, visibility, and oversight that your organization, users, and data require.
Unified Security Stack
56% of Organizations Say They are Unable to Detect Sophisticated Attacks

How to Gain Complete Visibility Across Your IT Environment

Keep your indicators of compromise under control with a unified security solution through a trusted partner.

Simplify Your Security

Connection’s Unified Security Stack solutions help you consolidate security management, deliver real-time visibility, and realize greater situational awareness—helping you to:

  • Improve staff focus/expertise
  • Reduce operational security costs
  • Leverage flexible licensing models
  • Provide an integrated solutions approach
  • Reduce number of dashboards
  • Improve compliance and policy enforcement
  • Enhance coordination for disaster recovery

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