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Network Transformation

Optimize Your Network

Reduce Operational Costs and Expand Capabilities

Network automation and orchestration can enhance productivity while making your network more secure and dynamic. 96%1 of organizations who have automated at least half of their networks are exceeding their goals for network product or service quality to stakeholders. Don’t be left behind.
Modernize and secure your network with help from Connection’s team of network specialists. We can take you from assessment through design and implementation, whether you’re beginning the process of automation or looking toward a more mature level of network orchestration.

Connection’s Network Optimization Services are designed to help your organization:

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Right-Fit Network Services

Right-Fit Network Services

Connection goes beyond basic installation steps when we deploy a new network infrastructure. Network configuration and change management requires an approach that takes into account technology, people, and process. We work to understand all these factors and their interactions on each engagement. Our experienced team provides a customized approach for each engagement that ensures minimal disruption occurs during any network changes or rollouts.
96%1 of organizations who have automated at least half of their networks are exceeding their goals for network product or service quality to stakeholders.

Enhance Productivity and Minimize Human Error

Gartner predicted we would reach 14.2 billion2 connected “things” in 2019, ballooning to 25 billion by 2021. Managing the ever-increasing scale of connected devices puts an enormous burden on IT staff. With 70%3 of security incidents beginning in endpoint devices and 90%4 of all cyber breaches attributable to human error, automation dramatically reduces security risks while providing insight into performance and resource utilization. Automating basic processes also frees up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Like all of Connection’s services, Network Optimization Services are offered à la carte. Our experts will work with you to determine the services you need to reach today’s goals with an eye on areas for growth. We can customize services for the needs of SMBs or enterprise organizations. Our teams are experienced in a range of verticals, including military, K–12, retail, healthcare, and more—so we can tailor our services to fit your organization and your industry.
Enhance Productivity and Minimize Human Error

Network Infrastructure Services

Network Automation

Network Automation

A scalable, reliable network is necessary for organizational growth. Gain greater network control, reduce costs, and ensure a consistent quality of service with network automation. Connection’s in-house consulting approach works with you to discern, design, and deliver the right automation services for your unique environment.
Network Visibility

Monitoring and Logging Network Visibility

Connection can help you get the end-to-end visibility you need to meet your SLAs and be proactive about security threats and performance issues. We can also design services for the degree of visibility required for IBN and Software-Defined Networking planning and management.

Network Orchestration—Intent Based Networking (IBN)

Increase network availability and reliability by more than 50%5 by using network orchestration, or IBN. IBN takes your strategic business intent and translates it into IT policies, which are applied and monitored across your network. This bridges the gap between your business need (the “what”) and the IT processes that can execute that need (the “how”), so you can effectively utilize your network to achieve your strategic goals. Connection can deliver services appropriate for your use case while ensuring you maintain a stable, secure network during your transition to IBN.
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