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Distribution and Configuration Services

Technology Integration and Distribution Center

What would it take to amaze your end users…an organization-wide rollout of the latest devices, customized to exact specifications and ready to go right out of the box? Overnight delivery of a replacement notebook that’s waiting for your sales team before their plane even lands? Imagine having a partner who will stop at nothing to amaze you and your colleagues. That’s the level of commitment you’ll find in Connection’s state-of-the-art Technology Integration and Distribution Center (TIDC).

Built from the ground up to simplify your technology lifecycle, the TIDC offers everything you need to integrate technology into your organization seamlessly and affordably. Optimize your end-user experience with custom configuration services, convenient deployment options, and advanced inventory planning and rollout management—all backed by exceptional customer service and support.

Connection’s Distribution and Configuration services mean we can offer complete solutions with every order—from the simplest request to the most complex. Our integration teams have developed key services to provide you with the simplest, most effective methods to deploy your systems. These include services designed to:

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Connection's Technology Integration and Distribution Center handles more than 400,000 unique configurations a year.

World-Class Standards

Meet the team behind the TIDC, and discover how they’re continuously innovating to bring you the very best technology solutions and services. Let our experts exceed your expectations with advanced capabilities, responsiveness, and support that are second to none.

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