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Business Resiliency

Business Resiliency Services

No Disruptions: Even in the Event of Disaster

When disaster strikes, having a plan in place can make the difference between swift recovery and failure. Are your employees prepared to continue operations in the event of extended network downtime? According to Gartner1, the average cost of a minute of network downtime is $5,600. That’s $336,000 per hour of downtime.

Connection’s Business Resiliency Solutions deliver a strategy to keep your product or service running without interruption in the event of a disaster. This solution area includes an analysis of vital business processes and interdependencies, uptime and contingency planning, and a step-by-step disaster recovery plan. You have the option to select only the services you need to complete your existing business resiliency plans.

Connection’s Business Resiliency programs are designed to help your organization:

  • Prepare for all types of business disruptions from natural disasters to cyberattacks
  • Minimize operational disruptions to employees during a disaster
  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs) by establishing minimum downtime requirements

Holistic Business Resiliency: Strategies for Technology, Personnel, and Facilities

Unlike traditional disaster plans, Connection’s Business Resiliency services address both the technical and human capital that are critical to your key business processes. Connection will also assess your existing facilities to make sure your employees have a functioning place to work at all times. Connection’s specialists are adept at crossing organizational silos to ensure that all interdependencies are accounted for.

While Business Resiliency services do include security assessments, this service area does not include remediation for security issues. Connection offers security services as separate engagements. Please contact us for more information.

These services are ideal if your organization operates in the United States or associated territories and needs to ensure that the organization is disaster-proof. Scenarios in which you may find your organization include:
  • Preparing to comply with industry or government regulations
  • Being acquired, or preparing to acquire a new business
  • Significant organizational contraction or expansion

Connection has a great deal of experience helping mid-market to small enterprises in the healthcare, life sciences, and finance industries.

Expert Guidance from Business Resiliency Specialists

Connection’s specialists have spent decades focused on understanding the business needs of organizations.

The Key Benefits of Business Resiliency

Having a business resiliency plan will reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and help your organization meet SLAs in the event of a disaster.

  • Preserve Key Business Processes
    • Identify key business processes and personnel.
    • Understand how high-priority business processes rely on other internal processes or assets.
  • Protect Technical and Human Assets
    • Get a step-by-step plan to continue operations in the event of downtime.
    • Eliminate communication silos between HR, facilities, and IT.
  • Minimize the Impact of Disaster
    • Plan and implement technology improvements to support disaster mitigation.
    • Test the disaster plan before putting it into action.
The Key Benefits of Business Resiliency

Business Resiliency Service Areas

Business Continuity
Having a plan can make the difference between your business surviving or going under in the event of a disaster. Get expert assistance developing strategic policies and plans to keep your organization operating.
Disaster Recovery
Before disaster strikes, determine your organization’s tactical plan to respond to a variety of disaster scenarios. Connection will help your organization plan and validate your disaster recovery plans to improve business resiliency.

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