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Business Resiliency

Disaster Recovery Plan

Quickly Restore Critical Systems in a Crisis

When did your organization last experience a data center outage? If your answer was over twelve months ago—or never—you’re luckier than most other organizations out there. In 2018, Spiceworks1 found that 71% or more of organizations reported an outage in the past 12 months. When it comes to protecting your organization’s data, relying on luck can only protect you so much.
Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan establishes clear steps for organizations to restore acceptable operating conditions as quickly as possible. The engagement begins with an assessment of your existing disaster recovery documentation (if any), as well as targeted workshops and interviews with key stakeholders. Connection also analyzes your current testing procedures. The final deliverable includes step-by-step instructions to recover your key systems and operating procedures, along with guidance on testing and contingency plans.

Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to help your organization:

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Curb Crisis Confusion with Clear Instructions

Curb Crisis Confusion with Clear Instructions

Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan helps your organizations avoid worst-case scenarios by ensuring you have:
  • A set of clear directions to bring critical systems and processes back online as soon as possible
  • A disaster recovery plan that takes into account all of your stakeholders’ needs, as well as all aspects of your business continuity plan
  • Up-to-date disaster recovery testing procedures that will ensure your plan works when a disaster strikes

What Is Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan?

Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan is a document with step-by-step instructions to recover key systems and restore them to acceptable service levels. The plan includes steps to recover any associated infrastructure, as well as recommendations to continually test the plan (which Connection can perform as an additional service), ensuring your organization's readiness at any time.

Connection’s Disaster Recovery Services are a great fit for organizations of any size that are required (either legally or by contracts) to maintain a minimum level of downtime. While enterprise companies have the most work to do to create a disaster recovery plan, mid-market and small companies also benefit from knowing their business is safe in the event of a crisis.

What Is Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan?

Connection’s Disaster Recovery Plan is created in three phrases:



Connection identifies key executives as well as IT and business stakeholders in your organization. Connection then schedules stakeholder workshops and one-on-one interviews to learn more about your existing disaster recovery plans, including testing, changes since development, and goals. Connection also collects an inventory of your organization’s current production systems and target recovery systems, along with any existing disaster recovery documentation.


Connection analyzes your documentation, in addition to findings from the workshops and interviews, to discover gaps between your current disaster recovery plan and your business continuity plan. Connection also examines your testing procedures to see if they still meet the standards set forth in your business continuity plan. Based on this analysis, Connection will either update your existing disaster recovery and testing plan or create an entirely new plan.


Connection produces a final disaster recovery design report with specific guidance or recommendations for contingency plans for each critical system, restoration (for bringing critical systems back to normal production levels), and testing. Optionally, Connection can also present the plan in person to your executives and/or stakeholders.
Connection Builds Business Resiliency

Connection Builds Business Resiliency

The Disaster Recovery Plan is an important part of your Disaster Recovery strategy. But if you’re not sure how to translate your Business Continuity strategy to your Disaster Recovery Plan, Connection’s Disaster Recovery Design is a great place to start. Connection’s Business Resiliency solution area is focused on bringing the best aspects of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery together.

Connection offers a variety of solutions to improve your organization’s Business Resiliency. Learn more about Business Resiliency and the different Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services available.

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