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Helping Schools Secure Their Networks

Information Technology has drastically changed how educators teach and how students learn. Mobile devices are everywhere, and the growth of BYOD and cloud computing have expanded learning beyond the classroom. Today’s learning environment brings new challenges for K-12 IT Administrators for keeping networks, students, and faculty safe from cyber threats.
SonicWall eliminates these challenges with a "Fear Less" approach. Tailored for K-12 environments, the SonicWall suite of networking products are cost-effective, easy to use, manage, and deploy.

Capture Advanced Threat Protection

SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-based network sandbox that can analyze suspicious code to help discover and stop newly developed malware. SonicWall offers a multi-layer approach to ransomware prevention. Stop ransomware with SonicWall Capture ATP.
Did you know?
  • 61% of organizations have been infected by ransomware.*
  • Capture ATP uses 4 parallel engines to find the most evasive malware.
  • Sandboxing examines files to stop malware before it enters the network.
*CyberEdge Cyberthreat Defense Report, 2017

Email Security

SonicWall Email Security solutions deliver powerful protection against inbound spam, phishing, viruses, denial-of-service, directory harvest, and zombie attacks, while preventing outbound leaks of confidential information and violations of laws and regulations. Easy to use and manage, the self-running and self-updating email security solution is ideal for any size academic environment, and integrates with Microsoft Office 365.
Deploy a cloud-based security solution to protect the schools and school districts from email-borne threats such as ransomware, zero-day threats, and spear phishing while meeting email compliance security and regulatory mandates. SonicWall Security as a Service (SECaaS) is an alternative solution for schools that do not have a large capital outlay to invest in a future-proof security solution or a dedicated IT team trained to manage cyber security.

SonicWall and E-Rate

When you purchase your network security solution with E-Rate funding, SonicWall can help you match the network or security solutions that fit your goals and budget. Leveraging the E-Rate program enables cost savings which can help your district better comply with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) while safeguarding students, faculty, staff, data, and applications with state-of-the-art network security from SonicWall.

To receive E-Rate funding, both schools and libraries are required by law to install a content filtering solution in compliance with the CIPA. Schools must take all appropriate steps to prevent access to inappropriate or dangerous websites in the classroom or administrative offices.

Keeping Kids Safe

Schools and districts have a responsibility to protect students from inappropriate and harmful Web content. Access to any inappropriate, dangerous, and illegal Web content puts primary and secondary educational organizations at risk. An effective content filtering service allows primary and secondary schools and districts to secure their networks, increase user productivity, and comply with federal mandates by restricting access to objectionable, unproductive, and unsecure Web content.

Secure School Networks

SonicWall takes on the latest cyberattacks to protect your network. You can’t protect yourself from the threats you don’t know. Make sure your SonicWall firewall provides the fullest protection available.