Rugged Performance in the Most Demanding Environments

Emergency medical systems around the globe rely on rugged Toughbook and Toughpad® devices. Because when lives depend on a constant flow of data, failure isn't an option.
Keeping You Up and Running
Modern medicine runs on live data. That means laptops that run out of power and tablets that drop signal simply aren't an option. Toughbook delivers reliability when you need it.
Always On Call
Drop it in your jump kit, put it on the ground, and slip it in the gurney—you don’t have to tiptoe around when you work with a fully rugged Toughpad.
Rugged Performance in the Most Demanding Environments

Toughpads: More Power for your Toughest Applications

The 10.1" FZ-G1 pairs the field-tested, fully-rugged chassis of the original with the latest, sixth-generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ and a host of new features, like a glove-sensitive touchscreen, 28-hour, hot-swappable battery, integrated RFID, and much more. If you want a Windows®-ready, rugged tablet look no further.
Engineered to withstand the hard knocks, drops, and spills of real life on the road, the FZ-G1 is built to operate flawlessly in every environment—from intense heat and sunlight, to pouring rain and freezing temperatures. Running Windows 10, the FZ-G1 also integrates seamlessly and securely with enterprise platforms.
ToughPads: More Power for your Toughest Applications

Toughbooks: Engineered to Equip the Extraordinary

The Panasonic Toughbook® 33 is the first fully-rugged 2-in-1 of its kind—redefining rugged flexibility for those who work in demanding conditions. Toughbook 33 features a groundbreaking 3:2 display, making it easier to handle, while improving readability of the business applications and documents workers use every day. This innovative design also enables backward compatibility with an entire generation of Toughbook 31 vehicle docks. It's as versatile as your job demands it to be. From a brighter 12" detachable screen with infrared camera for Windows Hello support, to hot-swappable twin batteries, and a choice of keyboards—Toughbook 33 is built for maximum mobility.
Toughbooks: Engineered to Equip the Extraordinary