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Logitech Showcase

Focused on Innovation and Quality

Logitech designs personal peripherals to help you enjoy a better experience with the digital world. Logitech started in 1981 with mice, which were new at the time, providing a more intuitive way of interacting with a personal computer. Logitech’s leadership in innovation now encompasses a wide variety of personal peripherals, with special emphasis on products for computer navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music, and home-entertainment control. For each of their product categories, Logitech studies how you interact with their digital devices, then set their sights on how to create a better experience with those devices—richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.
Focused on Innovation and Quality

Enrich the Learning Experience with Logitech

With more than 35 years of experience designing innovative technology, Logitech helps improve learning methods and drive better student results. From K–12 to higher ed, Logitech is committed to supporting educators with the tools needed to enhance the student learning experience. Find the perfect Logitech mouse or keyboard to boost creativity and productivity.
Logitech MK120

TechSperience Podcast

Dial in with Logitech and Microsoft

Loose wires, complicated interfaces, ineffective microphones and cameras—the list of conference room technology pitfalls goes on. Meetings don’t have to run late because of your device. Experience a whole new world of collaboration and crystal-clear calls when you pair Logitech with Microsoft Teams. Built to support one another, Logitech and Microsoft offer the best user experience and the easiest-to-use interface. Listen to our podcast, read our blog, or download the infographic to learn more.
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Face-to-Face Success

Turn Any Meeting Place into a Video Collaboration Space

Hassle-free videoconferencing doesn’t have to be expensive. Logitech is transforming videoconferencing by offering an easy and affordable way to collaborate, with crystal-clear audio and razor-sharp video. Logitech products deliver exceptional performance, business certifications, and award-winning design. Video collaboration solutions from Logitech also allow for unified communication across the organization to increase productivity and efficiency while providing an enhanced end-user experience.

Logitech Tap Unboxing Videos

Unboxing the Logitech Tap

Make meetings more productive with the Logitech Tap. Watch this unboxing video and get the inside track on this easy-to-use collaboration solution.

Logitech Tap Deep Dive

Collaboration and communication are the keys to success in the modern workplace. Watch this quick, in-depth review of the Logitech Tap and find out how it helps you master meetings.

Logitech Tap: Your Collaboration Station

Is your meeting room solution outdated, complicated, or failing? Watch this video and find out how the Logitech Tap modernizes collaboration.

SmartDock Makes Skype Rooms Easy

Add video collaboration to any room with Logitech® SmartDock for Skype Room Systems and start every meeting with just one touch. Meeting organizers enjoy the familiar Skype for Business interface, and IT admins appreciate the easily deployed and managed Windows® 10 Skype meeting app.
Logitech SmartDock Makes Skype Rooms Easy

Seamless Video Collaboration No Matter Where You Meet

Together, Logitech® and Microsoft® provide a better meeting experience. Make the most of your Microsoft investment and bring the power of video collaboration to any workspace.

Two Trusted Partners Collaborate to Produce Two Unique Videoconferencing Packages

HP and Logitech have collaborated to make high-quality videoconferencing easier and more affordable than ever. Complete turnkey kits make it a breeze to deploy razor-sharp video, crystal-clear audio, and a robust meeting experience in any room. HP and Logitech have configured and validated these all-in-one systems for optimal performance and compatibility.

Expand Your Teaching Paradigm with Logitech Video Collaboration Solutions

Higher education institutions use videoconferencing to support core missions, as well as new applications like connecting classrooms across borders. Logitech video collaboration products deliver an optimal combination of A/V quality, ease of use, flexibility, and value to enable colleges and universities to support the rapidly increasing demand for video in the classroom and beyond.
Expand Your Teaching Paradigm with Logitech Video Collaboration Solutions

Sponsor Spotlight

Elevate Productivity with Logitech

Never underestimate the right accessories. Tim Burns, VP of Product Management at Connection discusses how Logitech can help you dress up your desktop with both comfort and style, and boost your productivity in today’s modern workplace.

See the Full Lineup of Logitech Products

For each of their product categories, Logitech studies how customers use their digital devices. Then their designers and engineers set out to create a better experience with those devices—richer, more comfortable, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.
Mice and Keyboards
Enjoy next level comfort, flexibility, and productivity.
Mobile Accessories
Type, browse, protect—turn your tablet into a laptop.
Videoconferencing for Business
Bring video collaboration to huddle rooms and large conference rooms.

Connect with Us for a FREE Video Conferencing Demo

The modern workplace is all about collaboration. Logitech advanced video conferencing solutions let your teams talk, share files, screens, and whiteboard ideas. Make your meetings seamless, productive, and fun. Connect with us and together we can craft the perfect video conferencing solution.