Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 Servers

While cloud computing promises to deliver on the agility needed for digital transformation, companies are weighing other essential factors when defining their unique right mix of dedicated, on-premises cloud and public cloud. They demand an IT experience that is centered on business outcomes and provides predictable agility, security, and control across the complete IT landscape.
Only Hewlett Packard Enterprise is uniquely able to deliver on this new IT experience with a new generation of capabilities powered by HPE ProLiant Gen10, the world’s most secure industry-standard servers.* HPE is able to help companies harness their right mix of hybrid IT, which is secure, optimized for workloads, ready to scale, and built for agility and speed—the best of both worlds for the future of hybrid IT.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 Servers

Connection and HPE: A Unique Partnership

Why Connection and HPE? Learn how our 30-year relationship helps us empower your organization with the latest and greatest solutions available.

The Importance of Security

The HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, with the new iLO 5 and its silicon root of trust, undergo a server boot process that authenticates from the hardware itself and undergoes a series of trusted handshakes before fully initializing the UEFI and the OS. The silicon root of trust enables the detection of previously undetectable compromised firmware or malware. The advanced capabilities of iLO 5 enable daily automatic scanning of firmware and automatic recovery to authentic good states. Combining the Gen10 security features with selected server options allows you to design a resilient and hardened industry-standard server infrastructure.

HPE Trade-in Program

Ready to upgrade to new HPE technology? There’s no need to let your existing systems languish in a back closet or—worse yet—end up in the dump. The HPE Trade-In program lets you turn in your current products for cash!

HPE Servers
  • Get money back on your infrastructure, including top-selling ProLiant Servers
  • Receive a fixed value by series, with special incentives for trading in certain brands
HPE Storage
  • Unlock the value of block arrays, data backup systems, and tape drives
  • Receive a fixed value based on raw capacity or product type, with special incentive for trading in certain brands
HPE Aruba Networking
  • Incredible incentive deals on switches, wireless access points, and management
  • Receive a fixed value per port or unit

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*Based on new silicon root of trust technology and other comprehensive security features, verified by InfusionPoints.