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  • SM264A
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  • Remote Management over SNMP
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Switch one card, the entire gang switch or an entire daisy-chained system using RS232 or Ethernet. If you want to extend RS-232/IP control to a second daisy-chained Pro Switching System chassis, order the SNMP Expansion Controller Card (SM264A). This enables you to send hardware control signals and control the daisy-chained system with RS-232 messages through the RS-232/Ethernet (SNMP) Controller Card (SM262A). The advanced design of the Pro Switching System, 2U (SM260A) gives incredible operational flexibility and performance. Switch one card individually or switch the entire chassis through a Controller Card. You'll need one Controller Card per rack chassis. If you plan to daisy-chain multiple chassis, the Controller Card in the first chassis controls the entire system.  This card enables you to switch the chassis from anywhere via an RS-232 or IP connection. We also offer an RS-232 Only Controller Card (SM263A), which enables you to gang switch via the manual toggle switch or with serial commands. Ordering instructions Ordering Instructions: First, order the chassis. Pro Switching System, 2U, 18-Card (SM260A)   Next order at least one power supply  Power Supply Cards: Redundant Power Supply Cards (NOTE: cards requires two chassis slots.): 100–240-VAC Input (SM261A-VAC)-48-VDC Input (SM261A-VDC)   Or  order: AC External Adapter Card (SM261A-CARD) ( NOTE: card requires one chassis slot.) And at least one power supply (order two for redundant power).  Power Supply, 120–240 VAC, External (SM961A-PS).then select a Controller Card.  RS-232/Ethernet (SNMP) (SM262A) RS-232 Only (SM263A) SNMP Expansion (SM264A).next choose your A/B Switch Cards.  DB25/RS-232 (SM265A) DB25/RS-530 (SM266A) Video F-Connector, Latching (SM276A-LCH) Video F-Connector, Non-Latching (SM267A)   Multimode Fiber Optic: ST, Latching (SM277A-MM-ST-LCH) SC, Latching (SM277A-MM-SC-LCH) ST, Non-Latching (SM277A-ST) SC, Non-Latching (SM277A-SC)   Single-Mode Fiber Optic: ST, Latching (SM278A-SS-ST-LCH) SC, Latching (SM278A-SS-SC-LCH) ST, Non-Latching (SM278A-ST) SC, Non-Latching (SM278A-SC)   RJ-45 Copper: RJ-45 CAT5 (SM268A) RJ-45 CAT6 (SM269A)   For empty slots, order.  Blank Panel, Front or Rear, 2U (SM279A-BLNK)   Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.