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Secure KVM switches protect against cyber intrusion and meet the strict requirements of the latest NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices version 3.0. ALLOWS FOUR DIFFERENT USERS TO CONNECT AND CONTROL UP TO FOUR DIFFERENT SOURCES- AS A MATRIX The Black Box 4 x 4 Single Head Secure KVM Matrix allows four different users to connect and control up to four different DVI sources and provides peace of mind knowing that each connection is secure. With configurable USB port, this device will also allow you to configure and control access to the external CAC reader along with a host of NIAP 3.0 certified security features. Tested and certified to NIAP Protection Profile version 3.0 USB, audio and DVI-I with best dual-link DVI resolutions up to 2560x1600, DisplayPort and HDMI resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160@30Hz). Supports balanced speaker outputs and switching Fully advanced and configurable CAC port SECURE FEATURES Isolated channels ensure that data is not leaked between secure ports and the outside world Uni-directional data flow from computer to peripheral prevents eavesdropping attempts through vulnerable devices Mechanical, electrical, and optical isolation to prevent hacking and data leaks in environments where security is critical Secure EDID learning prevents unwanted and unsecure data from being transmitted through DDC lines Protected firmware keeps intruders from re-programming or reading the firmware Keyboard/internal cache wiping Chassis intrusion protection Equipped with internal anti-tamper switches and Tamper-evident seals ABOUT SECURE KVM FROM BLACK BOX NIAP PP3.0 certified Secure KVM Switches from Black Box offer a secure desktop access solution to safeguard against cyber intrusion for government/military agencies, finance, healthcare, traffic control, and educational facilities alike. The Black Box NIAP PP3.0 certified Secure KVM Switches provide ultra-secure switching between networks (network enclaves) with different levels of security running Windows, OSx or Linux from an ergonomic and space-saving valuable workspace. BROAD SECURE KVM SWITCH PORTFOLIO FOR EVERY APPLICATION AND EVERY INDUSTRY The Secure KVM Switch range from Black Box is one of the widest in the industry. Different applications and industries have differing requirements for centralized computer access. This portfolio has a suitable solution for every configuration: KVM Switches with 2-,4-, 8- or 16- computer ports Single User or Matrix Switches with up to four simultaneous users 4K digital and analog video options featuring consoles with up to four monitors KM Switches with dedicated computer-monitor connections and instant mouse switching Single-Port Peripheral Isolator All certified to the stringent security standard NIAP PP3.0 WHY SECURE KVM? Connecting peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and speakers to a PC introduces potential data leakage and hacking risks. There are no filters nor is there data detection and protection features between the PC and peripherals using traditional KVM Switches. Put simply, sensitive or classified information is far too important to be left unsecure. TESTED AND CERTIFIED TO THE LATEST NIAP PP3.0 SECURITY PROFILE Secure KVM Switches are designed for use in secure defense and intelligence applications where sensitive data must be protected. The Secure KVM Switches from Black Box are NIAP PP 3.0 certified and equipped with the highest security features that meet today's Information Assurance safe control standards. The switches contain unique hardware configurations that prevent data leakage between PCs and connected peripherals eliminating any potential cyber threat. MULTI-LEVEL SECURITY FOR STRICT INFORMATION ASSURANCE Absolute isolation of the mechanical, electrical and optical signals including air gapping prevents hacking and data leakage between the ports and the outside world. Each port of the Secure KVM Switch uses its own isolated data channels. Upfront switching on another target computer, the KVM switch erases the internal cache and keyboard data to ensure that no residual data remains in the channel. The fixed secure firmware/ROM is non-reprogrammable and keeps intruders from reading, reprogramming via unwanted firmware upgrades, or physically removing. ALWAYS-ON TAMPER-PROOF DESIGN The Secure KVM Switches feature active Anti-tamper switches, external hologram tamper-evident seals, and a long-life internal Anti-tampering battery. If the cover is ever removed from the chassis, the KVM Switch becomes inoperable to protect against any attempt of physical intrusion. OPTIONAL COMMON ACCESS CARD (CAC) SUPPORT The Secure KVM Switches are optionally available with a fully advanced and configurable CAC port that supports CAC devices like smart cards and biometric readers. Even further, authenticated admins can register and assign specific peripheral devices to this CAC port. Users can then switch the assigned device along with the KVM switching of the connected computers. ULTRA-FAST SWITCHING Limiting wait time the Secure KVM switches simulate a generic EDID as default, allowing it to operate most of the connected monitors. Both selected and non-selected computers maintain a constant connection with the unit's video emulation controllers, allowing for ultra-fast switching and restricting discovery of newly connected monitors during switching operations. Upon activating the KVM, the unit will quickly and automatically learn new EDID for specific monitors preventing any potential video compatibility issues. DIGITAL AND ANALOG VIDEO WITH SECURE EDID LEARN NIAP PP3.0 certified Secure KVM Switches with DVI-I interfaces support VGA (via adapter), single link DVI, dual-link DVI with native resolutions up to 2560x1600 at 60Hz. Upon activation, the Secure KVM device will quickly and automatically learn or recall EDID information for specifically connected monitors. The unit then prevents unwanted and unsecure data from getting transmitted through DDC lines. NIAP 3.0 CERTIFIED AND TAA COMPLIANT These switches have been certified to NIAP PP 3.0, the highest Common Criteria level (Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch Version 3.0). SUPPORT FOR TODAY'S DEMANDING 4K RESOLUTIONS DVI-I (DVI or VGA), HDMI or DisplayPort video standards and resolutions up to 4K. IDEAL FOR GOVERNMENT, MILITARY, INTELLIGENCE, OR ANYWHERE SECURITY IS A PRIORITY Perfect for agencies and businesses that need to keep classified, financial, and other private and personal data safe from external and internal threats. IMPROVE OPERATOR AWARENESS Save time by not having to run back and forth between secured and unsecured workstations. Improve operator situational awareness by controlling different systems through just one keyboard.