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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

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Developing an End-to-End IT Security Policy

One of the most important components of any risk management strategy is not the technology itself, but the organization, structure, documentation, and management that put the technology to work. Real risk management is the process behind those requirements that ensures you’ve written all of the appropriate policies, and are managing and measuring their effectiveness over time.
These are the ingredients of a risk governance strategy. If you’re not incorporating them, then you’re relying solely on your technology to keep you safe and secure. It’s very difficult to prevent breaches these days. However, the best approach is to define and build a strategy that allows you to react appropriately when breaches occur. This is by no means simple. But our team can help.
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
1 of 3 Organizations Do Not Have a Written Information Security Policy

How Will You Handle a Security Threat?

Build a strategy that helps you react the right way to security breaches when they occur with Connection’s risk governance solutions.

Why Partner with Connection?

Our team of experts is backed by rich procedures and strong policy background to help you outline and understand important benchmarks of security. We’ll review your existing policies or help you develop new security policies that define how:

  • Users gain access to systems and data
  • Physical documents are protected in the environment
  • Assets are hardened, managed, and controlled from an IT security perspective
  • An Information Security and Risk Governance Program is built and managed

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