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Craft the Perfect Message

You’ve got a message. Now you just need to get it to the right people. Whether you’re trying to connect with customers, employees, or the general public, we can help you find the perfect way to express yourself. From content creation software and video walls to mounts, cables, and media players, we’ve got the digital signage products you need to build a solution that generates the reaction you want. Read below to learn more about the key components that will go into your next digital signage project.

Content Creation and Management

Content Management Software and Services (CMS) can help you create, communicate, and manage your digital media message with ease. Scheduling, tracking, and indexing content and different messages are just some of the things a CMS can do for you.
Digital Signage Content Creation

Find the Right Display for Your Environment

Connection offers digital signage hardware for every space and application, including a wide variety of displays:
  • Commercial displays designated “16/7” are designed for environments that operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, while “24/7” displays are designed for environments that demand operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Commercial televisions are designed for environments that demand operation for 12 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have warranties for organizational use and features that include networking, lockout controls, VOD compatibility, and more.
  • Outdoor displays open up new possibilities for digital signage. From single panel deployments to video walls, there are solutions designed for mild to harsh outdoor environments. When placing displays outdoors, you must consider a number of challenges including daylight readability, weatherproofing, protective enclosures, shock sensors, and cameras to ensure security.
  • Transparent displays are used for display case replacement, while thin bezel 1:1 (square) displays are used for video walls. Each application is specially designed for its unique commercial use.
Touchscreen Displays
Whether you are working with projects on screen, educating through whiteboarding, or videoconferencing, interactive displays are a key tool for collaboration. Large public venues, including shopping malls, corporate offices, airports, and other public areas use self-service kiosks and large-format interactive displays that withstand demanding use and easily allow visitors to access information, including maps, way finders, catalogs, design tools, directories, and more.
Digital Signage Bundles
We offer simple, all-in-one bundles for your basic digital signage needs—from single panel to interactive kiosks to video wall solutions. These bundles can include displays, mounts, surge suppressors, and content management and content creation services.
Mounts and Cables
With our selection of signage stands and mounts, you can easily position your media players, monitors, TVs, and more for the best viewing experience. The right connection starts with the right cables. We carry a wide array of cables available in every type, length, color, and standard imaginable. We also offer all of the cable accessories you need to make every installation manageable and organized.
Video Walls
Video walls consist of hardware and software that allow multiple commercial displays to be tiled together. Displays can be contiguous, overlapped, or even positioned to form one large screen or image. Video walls can handle every application that standard digital signage can—in a much bigger format.
Media Players and Video Equipment
Digital signage media players can be simple playback and storage devices or complex, powerful mini-computers. These devices are designed to run nearly 24 hours a day and usually have networking capabilities to allow easy access and control over your displays and content, from anywhere. Bring it all together and provide spectacular displays with video equipment ranging from AV boxes and broadcast routers to HD encoder/modulators and AV control systems.

Commercial vs. Consumer

Every installation is different. Your space, needs, signage application, and audience are each unique. Discover how we can help you determine the components that are best suited for your organization and create a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Vendor Spotlight

Designing 21st Century Workspaces

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NEC E Series LED Displays

NEC's E Series LED Displays are ideal for all business applications. The E Series displays are lightweight and have thinner bezels and depth, which cut down on installation time. These displays are the perfect entry-level, commercial-grade, cost-conscious digital signage and conference room technology solutions.

Featured Digital Signage Partners

Digital Signage Partners
“Interactive displays are becoming more and more popular, and we've definitely seen an increase in customer interest.”
- Toby Mackey
Sr. Business Development Specialist, Connection

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