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Business Resiliency

Business Continuity Plan

Protect Critical Functions in the Event of a Disaster

Disasters are, by nature, hard to predict. But since unexpected crises force countless organizations to shutter each year, strategizing how to preserve critical functions in the event of disaster can save your organization. Your customers will also rest easier knowing their data is protected and always available.
Connection’s Business Continuity Plan gives organizations a custom strategy for dealing with disasters. Connection examines your organization’s unique operating environment, risk exposure, and existing business continuity plans to create a custom Business Continuity strategy. The plan is comprehensive without being overly complex or too generalized to be actionable.

Connection’s Business Continuity Plan is designed to help your organization:

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Gain a Comprehensive Strategy for Business Continuity

Gain a Comprehensive Strategy for Business Continuity

Connection’s Business Continuity Plan helps you avoid worst-case scenarios by ensuring you have:
  • Complete, up-to-date Business Continuity documentation
  • Emergency strategies, policies, and programs that reflect the priorities of organization leaders and key personnel
  • Compliance with Business Continuity regulations, contractual obligations, and industry standards

What Is Connection’s Business Continuity Plan Solution?

Connection’s Business Continuity Plan results in one document that gives your organization clear strategies, policies, and programs, so you can respond immediately in an emergency. Having this plan ensures that your most critical organization functions can be restored to an acceptable operating level in an emergency with minimal confusion and downtime.

Companies with large IT investments will have a more complex plan than organizations with less IT infrastructure—but everyone needs a plan. Organizations that are legally required to meet a minimum degree of downtime would best benefit from Business Continuity Planning.

What Is Connection’s Business Continuity Plan Solution?

Connection’s Business Continuity Plan solution spans three phrases:



Connection works with you to identify key personnel overseeing your business functions, in addition to gathering any documentation related to business continuity planning (including out-of-date business continuity documents, floor plans, and facility emergency plans). To better understand your facilities and personnel, Connection holds workshops with your stakeholders, focusing on existing mitigation, contingency, restoration, and emergency management processes and personnel. Connection finishes this phase by sharing one document with all gathered information and documentation with you.


Connection analyzes data gathered from the workshops and documentation. Connection also examines your organization’s regulatory, compliance, industry, and best practice requirements. Connection then produces a draft Business Continuity Plan.


Connection produces a final Business Continuity Plan, incorporating your feedback and delivering full findings and recommendations for: future emergency management processes, personnel, and communication methods; mitigation strategies; contingency strategies; restoration strategies; facility management plans; training plans; and testing processes and schedules. Connection can also deliver an on-site presentation.
Better Business Resiliency with Connection

Better Business Resiliency with Connection

Your organization’s Business Continuity Plan is the capstone of your Business Continuity strategy—Business Impact Analysis is the foundation. But Business Continuity is just one part of your organization’s Business Resiliency. Learn more about Business Resiliency and the different Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services available from Connection.

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