Spotlight on EUC


Spotlight on EUC: Take the Modern Approach to Delivering the Desktop Experience

There have been a lot of changes in desktop virtualization in the past year or so. Where once we were pretty happy if we could deliver a virtual desktop directly to a client (that had specific software for receiving a virtual desktop), today we have so many more options. In reality, the VDI story has changed to the end-user computing (EUC) story.

EUC-driving technology offers significant benefits that promise to help organizations realize new levels of performance, efficiency, security, and overall IT and network management. It can unite an entire organization under one central, easy-to-run umbrella, allowing your IT staff to manage the entire user base with little effort.

In this white paper, Tony Dancona, VP VMware EUC, Connection will discuss what EUC is and how it operates. You’ll also learn how our experts offer EUC solutions backed by a knowledgebase that can help ensure successful EUC integration.