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State and Local Digital Signage Solutions

From libraries and town halls, courts and police stations, to waiting rooms in hospitals or the DMV, digital signage offers all organizations the opportunity to relay messages, maps, photos, and a whole lot more. Digital signage has become an important aspect in delivering information in a modern way.

Government facilities need to reach broad and diverse audiences and can use digital signage to deliver important messages from command centers immediately and effectively to government offices, military facilities, emergency services, or community-based organizations.

Command and Control Centers

Signage can be used to monitor and organize critical ongoing activities, like air traffic control, IT or telecom networks, and more. Law enforcement and public safety agencies frequently use command and control centers for security surveillance to monitor situations, dispatch responses, and coordinate efforts among emergency responders. Additionally, command and control centers use digital signage to:

  • Empower decision makers with dynamic information
  • Enhance collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • Adhere to strict security protocols for multi-classification environments
  • Meet extreme 24 x 7 demands

Digital Way-Finding

In local communities, transportation venues, government agencies, and more, people need visual cues like maps, directions, colors and symbols, and other communications to help guide them to their destinations. Comprehensive solutions often combine various way-finding services for greater impact, and increasingly integrate mobile applications, RFID, scanners, and other wireless technologies, as well as interactive kiosks. Effective way-finding signage can improve your operating efficiencies and contribute to a sense of well-being, safety, and security.

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