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Managing and deploying a fleet of tablets is a typical need in many educational environments. But keeping your mobile devices charged and up to date isn't easy, especially if you’re managing them individually. This handy cabinet helps you streamline the process by simultaneously charging up to ten tablets while syncing them with a computer. The 10-Unit Charge-and-Sync Cabinet is perfect for K–12 classrooms and libraries because it helps minimize disruptions to the normal routine of daily users.



    10-Unit Charge-and-Sync Cabinet supports:
  • Apple iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab
  • Google Nexus 9
  • Most iOS and Android devices

Protect Your Investments

Your expensive mobile devices need a secure storage place. The charge-and-sync cabinet features a lockable metal housing that keeps your devices safe, and can easily be secured to a desk for added peace of mind. You can stack several cabinets vertically, too, to store and protect larger fleets of devices.

There’s also no worry that your devices will become damaged or stolen when not in use. You can also neatly store the devices even when they’re in their protective cases, and the cabinet offers adjustable shelves with integrated cable management grooves.

Fast-Charge All of Your Mobile Devices

At the push of a button you can switch to fast-charge mode, and the USB ports become Dedicated Charge Ports (DCP) delivering up to 2.4A to your connected devices. Plus, the cabinet charges Apple devices and supports USB Battery Charging Specification Rev. 1.2. You can quickly prepare your mobile devices for use, which is perfect for any mixed educational environments.

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