Every Space is a Learning Space

Mobile technology is transforming the way educational resources are delivered, supported, and accessed on higher education campuses. Students leverage mobile devices to access educational material on-the-go—extending traditional course hours and creating a limitless learning environment. Mobile devices enable students to access campus applications, course content, and school information, promoting collaboration among students and educators and enhancing the educational experience.


Embrace Mobility, Empower Faculty, and Enhance Learning

AirWatch® by VMware® enables secure, on-the-go access to educational resources while mitigating security risks to campus networks. Manage institutionally owned, faculty-owned, and student-owned devices while protecting device user privacy.

Meet the Mobility Demand of Your Institution

Enable productivity on any device and protect critical data to allow freedom of device choice for users, maximum flexibility, and peace of mind for IT.

Key benefits include:
  • Greater choice of devices—from notebook, tablet, smartphone, and more
  • Increased security for data, applications, and infrastructure allowing work and personal data to coexist
  • Broad range of mobile devices and models
  • Simplified management and delivery at scale

Transform the Learning Process

Enhance productivity with new connections.
Key benefits include:

  • Mobile first models that link key higher education processes
  • Extend mission critical applications to any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Leverage new forms of collaboration create new forms of interaction

Educational Breakthroughs

Reduced funding, rising costs, and new technologies are driving change across academic institutions. From universities to community colleges, IT leaders in education are seeking ways to improve learning and meet the needs of diverse student, faculty, and alumni populations.

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