Logitech Education IT Solutions


Classroom Videoconferencing Made Affordably Easy

From the world’s favorite mice to ConferenceCams that finally make classroom videoconferencing affordable, Logitech technology helps unleash the potential in every student.

What Logitech brings to your school:

  • Flexible learning environment
  • Low-cost videoconferencing for the classroom
  • Affordable flipped classroom environment
  • Connected classrooms

Designed for Big Rooms and Even Bigger Ideas

Logitech Group makes it easier than ever to include anyone in the conversation. Now with Group and ConferenceCam Connect, Logitech has achieved breakthroughs in quality and affordability that have opened group video conferencing to the masses—solutions that make face-to-face collaboration available to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Transform your classroom into an active classroom with Connection
and Logitech.

Logitech Group Video Conferencing Collaboration

Logitech Group Video Conferencing Collaboration System

Allow any meeting place to be a video collaboration space


ConferenceCam Connect

Portable videoconferencing solution for groups of up to 6 students

Logitech Conference Cam Group Kit with NUC

Logitech ConferenceCam Group Kit with Intel NUC

Effortless video conferencing for a robust, collaborative classroom experience

Logitech PTZPro

PTZ Pro Camera

Premium video camera for classrooms and large events

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